Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can we pause school and just have class again for a few days...

Remember all that excitement and energy we had when the class started? I need to redevelop that. I wish we had a few days with no students and could just concentrate on technology. That would help me with actually incorporating all those ideas in to lessons.

My goal is to start a blog right after NECAPS. I really think it will be a useful tool for student review, feedback, and communicating with each other. The first time I want to use it as an end of class or homework assignment, having the students review the main points of the day. I think I will use just one blog though, not an individual one for each student, so I can check them faster.

Voice threads will be great for student projects. I like the fact that they can post separately and together. No more days when a group is suppose to present but someone is absent. They seem easier to use than the visual podcasts we've tried in the past. Will need to experiment with them to see if they are "user friendly" when making one.

To be honest, the Igoogle page has been overlooked since I made it. Just don't seem to find the time to peruse it on a regular basis. My students have sent me gmails so I can begin to send them work that way. I missed the Wiki class and need to learn about those before I decide to go with a wiki, google page, or stick with my Weebly.

Again, I am missing those good old summer days where creative energy flowed through the room and there was not that long list of things to do weighing me down. One step at a time....

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