Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hopes for Day 2

The RSS Feed information was new to me and I am looking forward to learning more about that. I think it will be an efficient and effective tool both personally and professionally. I always like things that can save me time. I am thinking it could also be used for current events with my students in class.

Am trying to work out in my head how to implement blogging as a class review tool, try and combine technology, homework, and good teaching practice. Maybe it will be the job of students to do a daily write up of what we did in class each day-including important terms and concepts. Not sure I want to follow individual blogs of students, that seems like it could be time consuming, but maybe a response each day or three times a week.

As we discuss using blogs to inform about homework and keeping parents in the loop I worry that parents will be frustrated that there are so many different ways to try and stay involved. For example, if all teachers use Homeworknow then a parent can get all the info quickly. If each teacher uses a different method it allows parents to say it is too difficult or time consuming, getting them off the hook of involvement.

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