Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 2 Update

So many ideas, so much new information-how do I make it all come together as a tool I can use in my classroom (especially with school starting so soon.....). As I stated before I think I would like students to use blogging as a summary/review/reflection tool of what is happening in class. This would help them/me figure out what parts they don't understand, make connections, and add new ideas. Having students create a Google Reader page may be a great "starter" for each class. They could do their current events reading then so we could discuss it, instead of delegating it to one day a week. Another idea that is floating around in my head is to combine jigsaw activities with blogging. A small group of students could have a topic to research and combine their information and thoughts on one page so that other students can read about the process and not just the final product.

One concern I have about entering into the world of blogging is that it may take more time than I am ready and able to commit to it; sort of like student journals. It takes a lot of time to respond in a meaningful way.

Like the RSS page, expect that it will save me lots of time.


  1. I also have a lot of the same ideas swimming around . . . but time is always an issue. For me, I think it will be making the commitment to set aside a time of 15 minutes to post a quick blog, and then go from there. could be in the morning before school, or setting aside the time afterschool.

  2. Cristin, I did blogging with students this year and it really wasn't all that time consuming. I would suggest beginning with just one class and see how it goes. My students loved it! We kept the blog open and some of their parents even blogged with us. It was a great experience and one I will do again this year; but probably not all the time.

  3. Blogging is a perfect reflection tool, Cristin. It's a good way to do some formative assessment, checking in with kids about what they still are unclear on in their learning.

    Like written student journals, they do not need to be responded to daily. A quick check-in would do.

    At least we have air conditioning in class in this heat. Thanks for participating in class. You guys are an awesome group!

  4. I'll be glad to help, Cristin. Great ideas!!